When is  Brighton and Hove Pride 2017 | Brighton & Hove Pride

When is Brighton and Hove Pride 2017

Friday the 4th - Sunday 6th August 2017.

The community Parade & Park Festival take place on Saturday 5th August 2017

This year’s theme is Summer Of Love.

It is time for a glorious Summer Of Love in 2017 as Brighton Pride gets set to celebrate the landmark fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales.

Brighton Pride’s 2017 Summer Of Love will be a spectacular celebration of our LGBT+ community and supporters, bringing together the best of Brighton & Hove under a giant rainbow flag.

A festival like no other, a campaign to inspire, a party to remember and a fundraising weekend to be proud of, Brighton Pride’s Summer Of Love will be the most spectacular Pride event of 2017, filled with joy, love, and pride.