What tickets should I buy? | Brighton & Hove Pride

What tickets should I buy?

Brighton Pride has multiple events over the three days.

The Parade is free so you won't need a ticket.

Pride Festival Tickets

If you want the full Pride experience we advise you purchase Pride Festival tickets for Preston Park. The Pride Festival is Pride's main fundraising event for the Rainbow Fund. This is where you'll find all the main stage artists, dance tents, community village & more.

The Park Festival is also where the campaigning message is highlighted with video content & speakers from the main stage.

There is also our LoveBN1 Festival on Sunday at Preston Park 

You can purchase a Pride Village Party (PVP) wristband as an add-on to the main Festival ticket.

The Pride Village Party (PVP) takes place in Kemptown over two days, with entertainment starting at 6pm on Saturday until midnight and from 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

Festival wristbands holders can also gain free or priority entry to the Pleasure Gardens sites, (subject to capacity). Separate tickets will be required for some shows & events.

Wristbands collection is from our Box office (location TBC) and from the collection point within Preston Park