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Pride & the Rainbow fund

Brighton Pride community intersted company is a not for profit communty interest company that is asset locked to the Rainbow Fund.

The Rainbow Funds remit to receive donations, and to use them to give grants to LGBT and HIV groups and organisations in Brighton and Hove. We have no premises, or paid workers, so all donations can go to the good causes.  We also don’t fundraise ourselves.

For fundraisers, whether it be local businesses and venues, or individuals, or local fundraising groups, we are a trusted and transparent way of making sure that that the funds they work so hard to raise go where they are needed, without having to make difficult choices between competing requests for support from local organisations.

"In the 25 year history of Brighton Pride, in it’s various incarnations, there has always been an element of fundraising, with varying degrees of success. As a Community Interest Company and under the leadership of directors Paul Kemp and Dulcie Weaver, there has been a declared intention of creating a “Pride With Purpose” with £1 from every ticket sold for the Pride Festival in Preston Park, and £1 from every wrist band sold for the Pride Village Party coming directly to The Rainbow Fund, and our independent grants panel, to assess applications for grants. Last year Pride raised £90,000 – enabling groups and organisations to continue their work, and to fund some innovative projects. On their behalves I would like to thank you for the support you give them by supporting Pride"

Chris Gull, Chair of The Rainbow Fund.

You may contact the Rainbow Fund HERE