Knowledge base | Brighton & Hove Pride

Purchasing Tickets

  1. What tickets should I buy ?
  2. I'm experiencing issues downloading my eticket
  3. What do I do if the website crashes whilst I'm booking ?
  4. Can I download my eticket to my mobile phone ?
  5. Can I buy a joint Festival and Village party ticket ?
  6. Are Pride Festival tickets valid at the Pride Village Party (PVP) ?
  7. Where can I purchase wristbands for the Pride Village Party (PVP)
  8. I’ve lost my ticket, what do I do?
  9. Can I give my ticket to my friend?
  10. Are tickets purchased from third party sites such as Viagogo or stubhub valid ?
  11. May i resell my tickets ?
  12. Can I transfer or give away tickets
  13. Are tickets purchased on Viagogo valid ?
  14. Can i make a group booking ?
  15. When do tickets or wristbands get delivered ?
  16. When will i recieve my wristbands ?
  17. I have purchased Festival tickets but forgot to purchase Village party wristbands ?
  18. Where can I collect my wristbands ?
  19. Where can i collect my wristbands
  20. Where is the Pride box office
  21. I need some Technical support
  22. Can I purchase paper tickets in venues ?
  23. What are Early Bird, First Release and Second Release tickets ?
  24. How do I download my eticket ?
  25. Why do we need your personal details when buying a ticket ?
  26. Why can I only purchase 2 tickets?
  27. What is a Super early bird ticket?
  28. Help I've put the wrong email on the order form! What shall I do?
  29. What is an early bird ticket ?
  30. Duplicate or copied etickets
  31. Does my Park Festival ticket get me into the Pleasure Gardens?
  32. Can I get a ticket refund ?
  33. Do Pride store my data ?
  34. Can I exchange tickets ?
  35. Joint Pride weekend tickets
  36. Are the club after parties included in the price of the Pride ticket?
  37. Can I give my tickets to someone else ?
  38. Do I need to print my e-ticket?
  39. Do I have to pay for a child?
  40. Where can i purchase VIP Pride festival tickets ?
  41. Can I buy Pride Festival tickets at PVP?
  42. Can I buy PVP tickets at the park on the day ?