Knowledge base | Brighton & Hove Pride


  1. I haven't received a confirmation of my ticket/campsite/hostel booking! What do I do?
  2. When is Brighton and Hove Pride 2018
  3. How do i contact Pride ?
  4. When will my tickets be sent?
  5. Can I change the name on my tickets?
  6. Can I bring liquids in to the event?
  7. Which items am I not allowed to bring onto Brighton Pride event sites?
  8. Are there any alcohol free zones at the event?
  9. Do I need ID to be served at the bar?
  10. Can I bring an air horn to the event?
  11. Can I bring my own food to the event?
  12. How can I contact Pride ?
  13. Wristbands Collection and e-ticket exchange.
  14. Pride policy on Psychoactive substances (formally know as legal highs)
  15. I'd like to feedback to Pride
  16. Do I need a wristband ?
  17. I need support booking tickets
  18. I need help from Customer support ?
  19. How far is the Pride Festival on Preston Park from Brighton Railway station ?
  20. Are there gender neutral toilets?
  21. I'm not LGBT - can I come to Pride?
  22. Are credit and debit cards accepted at the park/ Pleasure Gardens?
  23. Where can I park?
  24. When will the rubbish be cleared?
  25. Are the buses still running in Brighton when Pride is on?
  26. I've experienced hate crime at a Pride event what should I do?
  27. My car has been towed what should I do?
  28. Can I bring my perfume/ make up bag to Pride?
  29. What can I do if I've left my medication at home?
  30. What time is the last train out of Brighton?
  31. Can I bring a dog to the Pride festival ?
  32. I need Pride ticket support ?
  33. How much are tickets for Pride?
  34. Are young people under 18 allowed at Pride ?
  35. Whats the nearest railway station to Preston Park ?
  36. Where is the Pride Festival?
  37. What is the theme this year ?